Friday, September 16, 2016

You Said Imperfect Actions? 

Once I got in my hand a book Personality Plus. It is about how to understand others by understanding yourself. And this book has also a self-test to let you know what is your personality and what are your strengths and weaknesses. I recommend every one to read this book.

I found out that I am half of melancholic and half of phlegmatic person. Both of them they are pessimistic and the biggest challenge of phlegmatic, for me, is procrastination. A really big challenge. And melancholic want to has everything perfect.

For today´s challenge I pick one imperfect action. I choose procrastination. I do know that I still have some problems with this feature. When I need to do my work, I start to think about how to do, how to do it right, or just don´t feel I can manage it. What sad me about is that often lose good opportunities.

Consciously facing myself with procrastination should have a positive influence on my actions. I wouldn´t be late or losing opportunities. And it should give me more consciousness and positive energy for doing other things, because I would  know, that I have done what I had to. To deal with procrastination I need to set up my mind. I will need to discipline myself to look at what I have to do and do the action right away in the best way I can do at that moment. I also challenge myself with not being perfect, but do actions and making steps forward. Let´s do this work!

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This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 7

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