Sunday, September 18, 2016

Balance Is Everything!

Today we are talking about location independence. I agree that blogging give you a choice to work from wherever you want. And you have a plenty time to do activities you love to. In this point maybe can become a problem how to balance the joy and work.

Have fun time in the desert in Dubai.

My opinion is if you want to get something than you have to give also. If we want to enjoy our freedom life, we still need to maintain what we done till now. And that takes some time. But on the way to reach leisure life we become expert in our work. So all we need is some self discipline. I found out that for me is the best way to do obligations right in the morning after my coffee.

I have my to do list ready in the morning. Than just do what I have to and put the tick. And is really good feeling when you know that you have all day long for yourself.

And is the same when you are on you dream destination. I think is a good opportunity to do new projects. If you exploring new area you can write about this. And you explore trough the day and write in the morning about your experiences in the previous day. Simple and fun!

Sunset in Strunjan - Slovenia.

I think that location independence give you even more choices for different opportunities. If you can see them and implant them into your life. But on every path in life the balance is necessary. So keep with self discipline, still put effort into work and enjoy life!

My lovely - London.

With Love,


This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 9

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