Saturday, September 17, 2016

Can You Feel Freedom?

Today´s challenge was a surprise at the beginning and real blessing at the end of the day. Going out and enjoy in things we love to do. Gorgeous!

I came back home to Slovenia few days ago. I stayed at home and found myself enjoying in gardening. We have quite a lot roses around house. I pruned them to start bloom again and will make nice area around house for longer time. Gardening relaxes me and it is a pleasure to see results of work. I wanted to make some arrangement also, but it started to rain. So, I checked what can I do  in house. My mum said that pears need to be cooked into jam. Good idea! So I helped her with making pear´s jam. We made some other stores for the winter also. It was fun time to do all this and hung out with mum. And tomorrow morning we will test the jam with home-made pancakes. Mm, I can´t wait!

After we put jars into oven to cool them down, we took the dog on a walk. It is a long time since I was with Kimi (dog) at forest. I love to be on fresh air, in nature. The forest is my escape away from rush of daily routine.

Thank you, Natalie for today´s challenge. It was the challenge to do this challenge. But it was a lessen to consciously get the feeling how it is to enjoy in moment and feel the vision of my wish life.

With Love,

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 8