Saturday, September 10, 2016

Sometimes you need just jump. And swim.

And I did. Jump in to world of bloging. I took a challenge on 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge by Nattalie Sisson. Why I decided to take this trip is to faced myself with challenges. And this is also the first topic of this challenge, what are my 2 or 3 challenges that effecting me on holding me back from my freedom and turning my focus away from my life goals.

My first challenge is the feeling of lock of knowladge. I always think, that if I want to success I need to know everything about some field. I need to be perfect, profesional, need to know answer to every question, need to find the right words and say them in the right moment. More I think about this the more it is seemed to be impossible to rech the goal. But I found solution in making small steps, serching and learning evey day and implant knowladge into new situations. And just swim. It is easyer and more fun.

Also, I always feel that I need someone who would stand behind my back, in case if I can not manage the situation. If I make a mistake that someone will fix it. I need to feel safety. So result of my actions is zero. Whay even start doing something if nobody will help me to put me back on right path. My solution for this fear is: I am human and it is humanely to do mistakes. And I also work. If I woudn´t working I wouldn´t making mistakes.

My third challenge is getting interested in to many things. I can see almost every opportunity as good for my succes. That is why I am faced with lack of time, bad mood and frustration. I found the way to safe me from this multi-actions with finding the real passion, joy in the opportunity.

More I think about this challenges more I realize that this is just fear of failure. And if I fall I have another plan B. In my life there is no much place about what other people will say, but more of disappointment that I couldn´t take a move foward, that I still standing on the same spot. But where is the will there is the way. Always.

Take care and see you tomorrow.
With Love

“This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 1

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