Monday, September 12, 2016

Fun Time

Today challenge is describe my Perfect day. It is not so easy work to do but let make some fun from this assignment.

I wake up in the morning. The time on clock is 8.09. I turn again in my nice, worm bed and try to sleep a little longer. But I feel the warmth of sunbeams comming through the windon. I look at that bright light and pull the cover of me and sit on the edge of the bed. Ok, let start a day. I look into mirror, move my hair from my face. And then straight to the bathroom. My toothbrush and toothpaste. I realy love the freshness in my mouth.

Coffee time! Can you smell coffe? With a lot of milk in it. And no sugar, please. I have my cup of power drink in my hand, the phone in the other hand and the laptop on the desk. Do a quick check what is happening in the world, some new mails, news on my bank account. Good! Happy!
Let´s make some breakfast now. I am starving. What should I eat? I open my fridge. Hm, eggs, smoothie,.. Bouth! I take two eggs, some broccoli, spinach and frozen barries. I fry my eggs first, put two slices of chees on it. And bled all the vegetable and barries into nice healty smoothie. Mm, that is so delicious! All tastes mixing together. Heaven! Yeah, and my coffee.

I look outside. Should I go running? No. Let´s do exercises inside. I turn on my favourite exercise program T25. It is creazy. Love it! Put the volume on TV half way and start. Feeling the warmth, enjoy in the music. How much still? Uf, 10 minutes left. Let´s go go! Nice! Fell so good! Finished! I feel so good. Oh yeah. Now let´s have a shower.

In 30 minutes I wear my favourite jeans with my new T-shirt and All stars on my feet. Happy! I am going on a walk  down to the sea. I love the smell of sea, the sound of waves, seagulls. It calms me down and  fill me with energy. 

I sit down on a bench, take my to do list, tick what I have done and fill it with new things to do. I look what time it is? Oh,  it is time for lunch. I meet with my fried to talk about charity event for kids.  I am realy excited about the project progress! And can´t wait in to see happy children´s faces.

Till next time, with Love.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 3

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