Monday, September 19, 2016

Do You See a Finish Line?

Here is the Day 10! I already see the finish line. But I still have some steps to make, sorry, words to write.

10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge was my first step into world of blogging. It was very positive experience because I have to go over myself. I never felt myself good in writing and on of my biggest fear is to publish my work. Work in foreign language. Hello, are you kidding me to click the publish button?! But I did and finished this challenge. That´s why I think those are my biggest takeaways from this challenge.

What I enjoy in the most was expectation every morning what the challenge will be. Than I wrote the post and tried to find pictures, movies, a song that I can included with the subject in the post. Fun part was after publishing, to observed how many people read my post. Is this just me or did others do this too?

The first best day was the day five. I read the post and than I came down to bonus part. A had to read it few times. I get the price because I wrote posts last four days? How amazing is that? Manifestation already works. That bonus gave me time to spent with my lovely ones. The second best day is today. Knowing that I have ran the small marathon give me new energy for next challenges. 

In the end of this challenge is good to make new goals. My next steps are going to be finding one or two subjects that I would like to write about and publish one or two posts per week. Working on post to write good information and make it more valuable. And I am looking forward for new challenges!

Thank you Natalie for amazing experience!

With Love,

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