Sunday, September 11, 2016

Free your soul and look for better version of you

Here is the second day of blog challenge and we are talking about reasons why we truly want to live freedom life.

What freedom means to me is ability to have a choice in life. Choice of what I want to do, where I want to live, how I want to live, with who I want to spend my time. My reasons why I want to live my freedom lifestyle are not to lose myself, to be who I am. If I do not feel freedom I can´t feel myself. In this world we are surrounded by many rules and expectations and I feel tired of people who expect of me to live their lifes.

Next reason is to spend more time with my family. In searching for better life I moved quite far away and I miss them.

And the last reason is the positive impact in the world. I saw people who create the freedom for themselves. They impressed me to the bottom of my heart. It is not because of theirs big bank accounts or all travels that they have made. But because of their unselfishly generosity to give the world something better. Those people have built hospitals, schools for children, orphanage. They invested their own money in researches for finding the cure for cancer. And those people are my real idols.

I heard a lot of people said that money make people bad. But I also found one good reply: »Money make people bigger in what they already are«. If you are bad person, it will make you worse. But if you are good, you can make miracles on this world. So, free your soul and look for better version of you.

But sometimes freedom means just this… All day long. 

See you tomorrow.

With Love

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